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Paper and pulp

Paper is patient

Energy management is effective

The production of paper and board not only requires a great deal of energy. Problems such as breaks and jams on long transport routes in the production process also cause downtimes and complicated and time-consuming maintenance work. 

With dibalog's fault management system, inexpensive and easy-to-install sensors monitor production sensors monitor the production lines, alert the responsible persons e.g. in case of too low transport speeds, increasing vibrations or suddenly increasing current consumption of drives and can even safely perform automatic shutdowns to avoid consequential damages.

The intuitively operated fault message management system is a modular addition to the EAS Energy Management System (EnMS), which is supported by law. At Pulp&Paper, in particular, the careful use of natural resources is a priority. With the use of the latest technologies and even more efficient energy use, you also achieve economic success according to independent studies: the annual emission of CO2 is further reduced, and thus the CO2 savings per ton of paper are increased by up to 38%, with a simultaneous increase in production volume.



EOS Load Management

Reduce grid charges  by up to 40%

EAS Energy Management

Reduce energy costs by mouse click

EOS/EAS optimization add-ons

One System - powerful add-ons