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Metal industry heat treatment

High energy input in metalworking

Dynamic load management reduces your costs

In metal production, quenching and tempering and heat treatment, "power peaks" are a well-known and expensive problem. During casting and melting as well as hardening, nitriding and burnishing of metals, among other things, tools, molds, machine parts from all areas of machine, plant and tool construction are produced. Here, load peaks occur in particular during the heating of furnaces and crucibles, washing machines and the temperature-controlled cooling processes.

Due to the large number of different plants and process steps, manual and at the same time cost-saving operation of the plants is simply impossible. Attempts in the past have failed so far, because a single "outlier" in the year is enough to drive up the network costs by several thousand euros.

The dynamic load management EOS successfully and permanently minimizes the load curve of the entire plant. This investment alone pays for itself within 2 years.

Due to the legal promotion of the dibalog products and the additional tax refunds with 
verification of the electrical energy used by the EAS energy management system in compliance with calibration law, you have used all possibilities for minimizing energy costs in your production for your company!


Further industries

Bakery, commercial kitchen, food production

EOS Load Management

Reduce grid charges  by up to 40%

EAS Energy management

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