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Restaurants and hotels

Entirely in the spirit of the guests

Ecology and economy in harmony

As a restaurateur and hotelier, you also take environmental and social responsibility for your business. At a time when sustainability and resource efficiency are increasing in the attention of your guests, it is important not only to keep an eye on sales, but also to consider the ecological footprint when making decisions.

With dibalog's intelligent energy management, EAS makes your day-to-day operations easier and reduces the burden on you as an operator. Increase energy efficiency and promote sustainability with a proven, modular system for optimal energy management.Another important component of a holistic energy management is the dynamic load management EOS, which automatically and effectively reduces the electrical "load peaks" and thus reduces electricity costs by an average of 20% or more.

And with additional charging management for guest vehicles, load peaks continue to be kept low, and in most cases this eliminates the need for cost-intensive expansion of your power connection.


EOS Load Management

Reduce grid charges  by up to 40%

EAS Energy Management

Reduce energy costs by mouse click

EOS/EAS optimization add-ons

One System - powerful add-ons