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dibalog systems are also complete fault indication systems with direct tapping of fault messages and optional expansion with sensors for measuring fault or wear indicators. Thus, your company has a central, company-wide and especially user-friendly fault indication, monitoring and recording system at its disposal. Embedded in the product family of dibalog energy management systems, you do not have to install and maintain additional hardware and software licenses for the users, because this application can also be operated in any browser-capable end device. Also additional trainings are not mandatory due to the same operating philosophy.

The dibalog fault indication system includes data acquisition, data logger, visualization and alarming. It records and evaluates status information of machines and processes as well as events, such as the opening of windows or doors outside business hours, malfunctions in plants or exceeding of limit values. For example, motors can be equipped with sensors to measure temperatures and vibrations and set in relation to power consumption.

As soon as the measured values fall below or exceed freely selectable threshold values or when other critical fault messages occur, the dibalog system automatically and reliably alerts the assigned users.

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