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Trade and logistics

Movement of goods without cost pressure

Efficiency in energy use is the better way

Temperature accuracy for perishable goods with the lowest possible markdowns, reliable systems, energy management according to ISO 50001, and a load management that also regulates refrigeration systems, ventilation, heating, and air conditioning in an optimal and network-friendly way - these are the advantages of dibalog's energy management systems. 

The entire cold chain and the temperature of the refrigerated goods can be permanently monitored, evaluated and optimized online via software and remote diagnosis, and documented in accordance with the legally prescribed HACCP. High energy costs are associated with the refrigeration of perishable goods. By standardizing and managing all major energy consumers, energy requirements are significantly reduced.

Systematic energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 also helps you to continuously optimize energy efficiency in your halls, stores and branches. Centralized and dynamic load control minimizes power peaks and thus grid charges. 

By integrating the charging points of electrically operated hall, forklift, company and customer vehicles into the central load management, you benefit not only from minimal network costs but also from the mostly avoided costs for expanding the existing network connection.


Further industries

Energy and water supplier

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Reduce grid charges  by up to 40%

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Reduce energy costs by mouse click

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