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Lower costs with EOS - and generate new income

This is how load management works for energy-intensive companies

Power consumption is often referred to as "load". Electrical load peaks are short-term high power decreases in the power grid. The energy providers calculate your grid charges on the basis of the highest peak load (highest 15 minute average) of an entire year - after all that is almost 25% of your total electricity bill!

The dibalog load management EOS regulates all generators and consumers of your processes dynamically, so the minimum possible load level is reached. With the intelligent system self-generated electricity and battery storage can be used optimally and attractive tariffs from your electricity provider as well as statutory subsidies can be used.

Short facts

Short facts

  • economical: minimize network charges, use all special tariffs
  • effective: intelligent, dynamic optimization of all producers, stores and consumers
  • flexible: integration into your existing infrastructure, manufacturer-independent
  • safe: commissioning by our engineers to ensure your maximum savings
  • up-to-date: update and maintenance services as part of our full service offer
  • profitable: financing and funding advice from our experts


Load optimization

Reduction of your grid charges by up to 40%

Reduce your grid charges while maintaining the quality and quantity of your production.

Demand Side Management DSM

7000h rule and atypical power usage

Reduce your grid charges by up to 90% through special forms of power use.

Charging infrastructure

as part of the overall optimization

Optimizing e-charging stations not in a stand-alone way, but in relation to the overall electrical load of the operation is worthwhile.

Energy storage

Power pack control

EOS regulates the charging and discharging of your battery storage fully automatically according to current demand.

Hardware and software


Our technology made in Germany offers simple handling with a full range of functions.

State funding

from BAFA

Up to 40% state subsidy of the entire investment. Our energy consultants provide individual advice on your options.

Our offer for you

With over 2,500 hours of use / year, the electrical load is measured all year round at 15-minute intervals. The grid charges are calculated from the product of the highest peak load and the "performance price". This varies from region to region, it is currently between approx. 75 € / kW and 150 € / kW - so a single electrical "peak" per year can be very expensive!

The energy optimization system EOS from dibalog takes over the automatic and dynamic control of all relevant electrical consumers and lowers the demand charges by an average of 20% - year after year. Special statutory regulations and individual tariffs reduce grid charges by up to 90%.

Proven in over 1000 projects, since 1984, worldwide - experience that pays off for you.

We would be happy to prepare a professional load profile analysis for your company with the determination of your savings potential and a payback calculation. Click here to contact us >>

Load management - flexible in use

EOS can be used flexibly in many industries. We help you to identify and leverage the savings potential through load management in your operation.

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