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Bakery canteen-kitchen food

Heat, bake, cool, freeze

with smart systems your cost drivers under control

For foodstuffs of all kinds, industrially produced or with a lot of manual work in the large bakery and with a constantly changing range of products in the industrial kitchen: the processing of high-quality foodstuffs during cooking, hot filling, pasteurization and sterilization as well as cold production, the appetite of the systems and machines for energy in the form of electricity and heat is enormous. As a result of CO2 freezing, more and more plants are replacing natural gas as an energy source for steam generation and heating with electricity. Due to the political and societal expectation, especially for food, to make their activities climate neutral, companies are striving to produce more efficiently and to save resources and to avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

With EAS Energy Management, the annual energy audit for ISO 50001 certification is greatly simplified for energy managers thanks to data collection, evaluation and proof of planned measures and achieved energy savings. Even with many small processing steps and several hundred measuring points, individually adjustable dashboards for different departments provide clear, meaningful analysis and visualization options. Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI) can be quickly determined and visualized via individual key figure formation, if required with weather-adjusted measurement data.

In particular, the thermal processes involved in heating, e.g. for baking, pasteurization or cleaning, as well as cooling and freezing systems, generate large, short-term loads on the power grid, especially when they are switched on regularly to maintain the minimum or maximum temperature. These load peaks cause high power charges, and these are demanded from the customer as part of the energy bill. The EOS load management system dynamically regulates the power consumption of all electrical loads during operation, thus reducing grid charges by up to 45% - in addition to the consumption savings provided by the EAS, and without affecting the quality and quantity of production.


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