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Energy audit

A smart system

for a successful audit

An energy audit according to e.g. DIN EN 16247-1 (SMEs) or an energy management audit according to DIN EN ISO 50001 (SMEs and larger companies) is an important tool to identify measures to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy costs in your company. By determining how much energy is consumed in which areas of production in particular, you receive direct indications of previously unused savings potential. Supplemented by a production data acquisition system, you get a comprehensive overview and control of your operating processes and costs easily, quickly and reliably.

The EnergyAnalysisSystem EAS forms your reliable basis for establishing a continuous improvement process in your company on the basis of the integrated measure management and for planning necessary investments. The extensive reporting and documentation allow evaluations, comparisons with benchmarks and key figures intuitively by mouse click and completely according to the individual requirements of the different users.

The automated creation and distribution of evaluations and reports informs all decision-makers as well as other persons responsible for energy and costs in the company in a focused and up-to-date manner about relevant key figures, changes and optimization potentials. 

Short facts

  • audit: basis for certification of your energy management
  • inform: e.g. according to DIN EN 16247, DIN ISO 50001, among others visualization of key figures (EnPIs), measures management up to audit-compliant reporting
  • optimize: compliance with legal requirements, basis for tax refund.
  • structure: data assignment according to cost centers , processing areas and clients


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