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Load optimization

Save up to 40% on grid fees

An investment that pays for itself in just 2 years

According to independent studies, network charges will continue to rise steadily in the future - and this will also affect your company. In addition to the energy consumption (kWh), the power consumed (kW) is also billed with the network charges.  For the billing year, the maximum power consumed (averaged over 15 minutes) is the basis for calculating the power costs. 

Often, a single load peak in the year is responsible for the extremely high billing amount. Whether it is due to simultaneous start-up of plants early on a Monday morning, the peak operation in the bakery on carnival days or an uncontrolled operation for testing a plant after repair by a service technician.

Minimizing network charges - dynamic load management for efficient network management

Based on many years of experience with sensitive processes in the industry, a smart system was developed with the EnergyOptimizationSystem EOS by dibalog, which optimizes the power peak dynamically on a second-by-second basis and taking into account all current plant conditions, in contrast to rigid trend calculation or control according to priorities. This reliably achieves the maximum saving of network charges without affecting the quantity and quality of your production.

Short facts

  • profitable optimize your peak shaving and save up to 40% of your grid fees
  • tariff-optimal with "atypical grid usage" you use more favorable, variable tariffs of your energy supplier (EVU)
  • energy-intensive save up to 90% of your grid fees through electricity-intensive grid usage
  • efficient automated control of up to 9999 relevant electrical consumers on a second-by-second basis
  • future-proof combined management of generators (e.g. CHP, Hydrogen, PV), storage and consumers (e.g. e-charging stations)
  • grid-safe multi-trafo protection by under-regulation
  • safe redundant system design for high availability
  • comprehensive holistic energy management system through combination of power and thermal management


Instead of "just measuring" automatically act optimally

The EOS  Energy Optimization System automatically controls the operation of all electrical loads in your company for optimized load shifting (peak shaving). In contrast to load shedding, load shifting does not switch off devices, but delays their operation for a short time - the total load in the power grid is reduced.

Every second, the software automatically calculates the minimum power load in the network without limiting production. The hardware modules reliably implement the control commands - and thus reduce your grid charges. The operating parameters are specified by the user individually for each consumer in an intuitive user interface in order to optimally adapt the load management to your processes.

EOS prevents peak loads permanently, whenever you need a lot of energy for heating or cooling in your processes. And this for smaller companies and especially also in larger companies with distributed productions in different halls, where the "work instruction" cannot always be implemented


An example


  • the power price agreed with the Power Provider is 90€/kW/year (or 7,50€/kW/month),
  • and the peak power (15min value) is currently 2.5MW
  • the company pays an annual power price of 90€ * 2,500 kW = 225,000€.


If the peak load is reduced by only 20% with EOS (>40% are possible)

  • this corresponds to a reduction of the peak load of 500kW
  • the invoice amount for the year is only 180.000€.
  • the company saves 45.000€ - per year!
  • In addition, you might receive a state subsidy for the introduction and operation of our dynamic load management!
    Please check it out - we or your local energy consultant will happy to help you!


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