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Rubber and plastic

Production and processing of rubber and plastic

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The processes in the manufacture and further processing of rubber and plastics are very energy-intensive. Most of the energy used is required as process energy, in particular thermal energy for heating for molding and vulcanization as well as electromechanical energy for kneading, mixing and injection processes. Furthermore, production requires a lot of energy for cooling the machines and products, compressed air generation, heating and lighting.

With the EAS energy management from dibalog, potentials in the energy supply can be identified and the regular energy audits for certification according to DIN EN ISO 50.001 can be carried out easily and quickly. Through the measures developed and documented in the EAS, energy efficiency increases, whereby the own consumption is reduced in the long term and sustainably, thus also contributing to the minimization of carbon dioxide emissions. 

In particular, the EOS load management system dynamically controls the volatile power consumption of the production systems and machines overall according to their energy requirements and, if necessary, can also regulate individual machines or areas in real time using load profile-controlled setpoints. The smart system already has adapters to reduce energy costs to a minimum with the use of battery storage, local power generators and the digital evaluation of price signals from energy suppliers.


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