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Energy Storage

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The integration of load management and energy storage in the local grid increases the flexibility of the energy supply of your plants and makes it possible to secure further cost advantages within the framework of demand-side management (DSM). Electricity demand that can only be shifted to a limited extent during consumption peaks is served by the battery; in the case of self-generation, e.g. by CHP, PV or wind plants, overproduction of energy is buffered in the storage system. With steadily decreasing costs for electric battery systems, EOS effectively secures the potential of DSM in commercial and industrial applications as well - especially with low compensation for self-generation.

EOS, as a higher-level control system, constantly monitors all company processes and thus regulates the charging and discharging of the storage unit in an optimized manner with regard to energy provision and costs. The innovative hardware and software interfaces of the EOS support all common battery management systems (BMS).

Short facts

  • effective: No need for grid connection expansion for only a few extreme load peaks per year
  • efficient: Optimization of generation, consumption and storage in the overall context of the company
  • supplementary: Additional control functionalities of the standard battery management system
  • cost-reducing: self-consumption of self-generated electricity generates maximum savings
  • revenue-increasing: Additional revenue potential through participation in the balancing energy market by contributing to grid stabilization
  • Future-proof: modular scaling for full DSM potential utilization
  • independent: maximum degree of self-sufficiency


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