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Operating data acquisition

Transparency of your operating and energy data

Identify and exploit savings potentials

Energy costs make up a large part of the operating costs in production, especially with thermal processes (e.g. in chemical plants, foundries, hardening stores, carbon fiber and plastics production, logistics, production and sale of food, paper and cellulose, etc.) and are therefore the focus of controlling. However, utility bills are purely main meter based, so the company cannot relate to the specific machines and jobs for which the energy used was consumed.

With up-to-date operating data, your processes can be controlled quickly and efficiently. Powerful planning and control systems record current actual data and continuously compare it with the relevant target data. By providing order-, machine-, material- and employee-related data in real time, these support the production-related departments in capacity and order monitoring.

Short facts

  • complete: Recording of all types of consumption with individual differentiation of e.g. electricity, compressed air, refrigeration, heat, gases, water and other media
  • integration-capable: simple connection of existing measuring devices and meters
  • transparent: allocation of measuring points to cost centers, logical grouping, e.g. evaluation by department, plant groups or internal company criteria
  • flexible: own calculation of data points (e.g. for subsequent KPI evaluations)
  • convenient: manual input of meters without electronic connection or mobile via QR code with meter reading recognition (OCR)
  • interactive: exchange of production data for the calculation of specific consumption indicators (by article, product group, periods ...) in the subsequent ERP or merchandise management system via SQL, XML or CSV interface

EnergyAnalysisSystem EAS: decreasing costs in energy-intensive companies

The user-friendly operating data acquisition system EAS permanently determines all relevant industrial operating data (electricity, water, gas, temperatures, etc.) of your company and displays them transparently and in detail. 

Measured values can be recorded both automatically and optically with mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone and assigned directly to a previously defined measuring point via QR code (e.g. meter readings that are to be recorded only sporadically and for which no meter is provided). If required, incoming measured values can be automatically checked for plausibility and processed with optional arithmetic operations. Critical process conditions are reliably detected and also immediately forwarded to the responsible persons in your company via email and SMS.

EAS provides you with a comprehensive overview and control of your operational processes and costs in a simple, fast and reliable way. At the same time, it provides a valid basis in comparison to guideline values for your calculation and investment planning. 

Due to its modular structure, the system is tailored to your individual needs. EAS has standardized, universally applicable data interfaces that can be adapted to specific requirements if necessary. And with data exchange for almost all common ERP and enterprise resource planning systems, EAS is your optimal tool for accurate controlling.

Fully automatic backup mechanisms take care of backing up process and configuration data. Software and all hardware components can be updated and administered via secure remote access over the Internet and Intranet.


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