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Energy and water suppliers

New requirements for municipal facilities

with industrial technology more safety and effectiveness

More and more municipal utilities and associated companies are committing to reducing energy consumption over the long term. In many applications, energy efficiency and energy-related performance can be continuously increased in a continuous improvement process.

To achieve these goals, an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 guarantees that all the requirements of this standard are implemented, and that the necessary measures are developed, executed and documented transparently and completely. Particularly in the public supply of electricity, water, gas and heat, as well as in the operation of municipal facilities such as the swimming pools and underground parking garages, many potentials have not yet been identified and therefore not implemented. 

In the increasing supply of public space with charging stations, the dynamic load management EOS supports with innovative functions. Regardless of the types of charging stations used so far and in the future, EOS can optimally allocate the available charging power at the charging stations to all e-cars to be charged across all manufacturers - and adapted to the current commercial and private power consumption in the entire area. If the power consumption in the area is currently low, more power is available for charging the electric cars at the charging stations.

The combined load optimization of charging stations and other consumers connected to the node (e.g. the nearby indoor swimming pool) can minimize the load on the grid, so that often no high investment costs are required for the expansion of your grid connection.


EOS Load Management

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