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Energy efficiency according to ISO 50001

Secure the future of your production

with digital energy management

Energy management is more than just software. Energy management means the step-by-step networking of your company with meters, sensors and other components for measuring, controlling and monitoring energy flows. The Internet of Things (IoT) plays an important role here: using current and future IoT technologies for energy management is a particularly efficient form of digitalization. The Energy Management System (EMS) from dibalog was created precisely for this purpose. The system is a high-performance energy specialist that fits perfectly into the process of your digitalization and even drives it, and maximize the profitability of your system by creating additional added value.


Achieve your goals in 4 steps

  • Plan modular measurement technology for legally compliant acquisition of all energy, media and process data
  • Do future-proof software with intelligent analysis tools and meaningful reports at the push of a button
  • Check integration of energy data in the ERP system increases the accuracy of cost accounting
  • Act comprehensive overview of all energy-related consumption costs of your production

Intuitive - fast and reliable completion of your tasks

With EAS, you are able to record and analyze energy flows in the company and the associated energy sources in a largely automated manner, in order to develop ideas for improvement based on this, evaluate them for economic efficiency and then implement them.  To achieve and monitor energy targets, you create action plans in EAS and measure target achievement using key performance indicators. Responsibilities for energy-relevant processes are also regulated, communication procedures are defined, and the necessary competencies of personnel are determined and ensured.

EAS supports the convenient integration of new measuring equipment, the recording and evaluation of consumption and the communication of concise information. Supported by wizards, a dashboard construction kit offers you free placement options for numerous elements (charts, individual values, images, maps, embedded web pages, etc.) and lets you easily design highly individualized dashboards.  Either for regular presentations and clear evaluations or as an automatic slide show (e.g. reception, production) and also regularly send with always up-to-date energy values or key figures as a PDF file via e-mail to a list of recipients: the number of possible uses of your dashboards, slide shows, and recipient (groups) is diverse and unlimited.

With EAS you identify and leverage energy saving potentials and get a decision support for investments to improve the energy efficiency of your company continuously and sustainably.


EAS: State funding

Secure the subsidy of up to 40% of the investment

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Perfect combo for maximum energy and resource efficiency

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