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Chemistry and pharmaceuticals

Rising energy costs

with the right formula not in your operation

Whether basic materials, special binders and additives, e.g. for paints and coatings, or other chemical and pharmaceutical products: ISO 50001 implementation and the establishment of an energy management system are prerequisites for cost reduction and competitiveness. With powerful reporting tools, production is evaluated in real time, enabling rapid action to be taken in the event of excessive energy consumption. Even with simple means, you can save up to 20% of annual energy costs right from the start.

Until now, many chemical, life science, and pharmaceutical companies have been deterred by strict regulations when 
regulations when they wanted to change production processes. With dibalog's Energy Management EAS, the effects of increased efficiency and regulatory requirements are safely achieved without the need for changes in third-party systems - qualification and validation status remain unaffected. Furthermore, dynamic load management helps you to reduce network charges and thus further production costs - and these investments are currently additionally subsidized by law.


Further industries

Paper and pulp

EOS Load Management

Reduce grid charges  by up to 40%

EAS Energy Management

Reduce energy costs by mouse click

EOS/EAS optimization add-ons

One System - powerful add-ons