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TCM Temperature Comparison Module

Calibration of your thermocouples

simple, cheap, visual - optimally prepared for TUS

Fully automatic, permanent SAT service (A-SAT).
The permanently installed double thermocouples are permanently monitored and compared in 10-minute intervals. In case of a deviation from your specification (NADCAP, AMS, CQI9, individual) an email with PDF report is sent automatically.

Semiautomated SAT Service (S-SAT)
Compare the used calibrated thermocouple with your calibration table. Staretn the calibration automatically via APP or with plugging a calibrated thermocouple to the TCM module. TCM automatically records the data of all connected thermocouples and sends a report according to NADCAP, AMS, CQI9 or your own specifications via email.

Short facts

  • On demand local reporting via potential free relay
  • Calibration per TCM input via internal calibration table and adjustable offset for 20 temperature points possible
  • Automated sharing of calibration tables between several TCM, if desired via groups
  • Measuring range: 0-1500°C
  • Languages: English and German. Units: EU and USA (°C and °F)
  • Master TCM: Storage of all existing TCM data with data storage and collective report generation for the selected group
  • Mobile app for Android and IOS
  • Cloud services for central data storage locally or in the web cloud
  • Communication: TCP/IP with fixed IP
  • Memory: MicroSD 16GB (Master: 32GB)
  • Configuration thermocouple types according to customer specification
  • Inputs: E1+E3 for permanently connectable thermocouples, E2: for plugging in via thermocouple mini connector
  • Outputs: 1x relay potential free


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