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many years of expertise for your projects

As a manufacturer of innovative energy management systems, dibalog has been providing intelligent solutions for reducing energy consumption since 1985. With projects at over 1.000 industrial and commercial sites at home and abroad, we are recognized experts in energy efficiency and energy saving. Together with specialized partners, we offer a comprehensive range of services - in the sense of the best possible and most efficient use of resources.

For our customers, we identify energy-saving potential, develop the necessary measures to increase energy efficiency and provide support in planning and implementation. In addition, we implement a continuous improvement process with our partners by introducing the energy management system (EnMS) dibalog EAS, which can be certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001.

In addition, we have established ourselves with partner companies and research institutions as a competent partner for research and development projects.

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Subsidized initial and detailed consulting for SMEs

The potential for energy savings in trade and industry is immense in some cases, because the efficient use of energy leads directly to cost and competitive advantages, and in many companies energy costs correspond to up to five percent of sales. This savings potential, which can be exploited with comparatively simple measures, is often not used because small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular lack the necessary information on savings opportunities. 

For this reason, in Germany the KfW, with its special fund "Energy Efficiency in SMEs", offers grants for initial and detailed consultations by qualified energy consultants. The energy consultants from dibalog first localize the weak points of energy use throughout the company and then work out concrete measures that can lead to significant cost savings. Expert advice therefore helps to save costs, especially since up to 80% of the consulting costs are subsidized by the KfW special fund "Energy Efficiency in SMEs". And you can deduct these costs from your taxes if necessary - dibalog will be happy to support you in the application process!

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EOS Load Management

Reduce grid costs by up to 40%

EAS Energy Management

Reduce energy costs by mouse click

EOS/EAS optimization add-ons

One System - powerful add-ons