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Wood processing

Natural raw materials

in symbiosis with artificial intelligence

In recovered paper preparation, a great deal of energy is used for pulping, screening, cleaning, thickening, deinking, dispersing, and bleaching, and in virgin fiber processing (mechanical pulp) for large mills (refiners, rejects mills) and chemical preparation, and with further processing in the paper machine.

Depending on the wood/pulp or recovered paper content and the degree of preparation required, up to 85% of a mill's total electricity consumption is accounted for by the energy-intensive processes.

The aggregates required in the process have a high electrical power, with the optimized use of the downstream silos and vats a good controllability of the power input is possible. With the load management of dibalog, the grid charges can be reduced here by up to 40%.

With the dibalog energy monitoring you can easily and effectively identify your saving potential in the field of electricity, gas and heat. The systems are safe and easy to use, at your workplace as well as mobile with tablet or smartphone. EAS supports you in your continuous optimization process according to DIN EN ISO 50001, EOS reduces power peaks and thus the network load. Both are essential cost factors that can be significantly reduced with dibalog products - and with state support!



EOS Load Management

Reduce grid charges  by up to 40%

EAS Energy Management

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EOS/EAS optimization add-ons

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