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"Yes, the Dibalog system has done all Gunther said it would do for savings but I believe the better return has been in the increased awareness of electrical usage by our people. We now have a large monitor in the shop that visually shows our electrical demand and usage allowing us to make better production decisions. We have been able to increase our production and better control cost during Summer Peak Demand time of day rates. So with the EOS system we get an extra vacuum run per day adding 5% to our revenue. During the six months of Winter rates our electric bill saving is actually more because we run full production unaffected by the Summer Rate Demand Penalties. ROI with increased production revenue is now half our expected three years."
David J Buttner, President ThermoFusion Inc.


"The calculated payback period of 2 ½ years was clearly undercut. With EOS we save approx. 200 KW in expenses for maintaining reserve inventory."
Bäckerei Rackl GmbH

"Last August EAS 3.000 was installed in the Cologne and is working to our utmost satisfaction coming up to our high expectations in terms of saving capacities. EOS is an up-to-date system in building control technology, clearly structured, logical and straightforward in use and extension."
Prof. Dr. Gunther Nogge, Direktor, Zoologischer Garten Köln

"Thanks to your system the transmission of failure reports of the connected consumers led to an improved troubleshooting and therefore to cost cutting in operation."
LSG Lufthansa Service GmbH

"It was a smooth system installation without any disturbance in daily operation."
Deutsche Bank AG, Filiale Mannheim

"Despite some reservation to implement the system in the vacuum area, we confirm that exactly in that field the reduction of costs was intense."
Thyssen Stahl AG, HOT, Nürnberg

"Your system for power peak surveillance is a piggy bank for any heat treatment company working with high power consumption"
Härtetechnik Hass GmbH, Lüdenscheid)

"Energy consumption of individual systems is exactly read.
This is a great help for product calculation"
Christian Adler, Metzgerei, Viernheim


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